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News Content & Translation

Postby Sypheria » Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:13 am

Salutations meatbags,

Here at Taitale, when we are not eating humans and conquering galaxies by the dozen, we try to make games. Good ones.. I hope. We want to make a living breathing universe with a plethora of content and personality. We also want to deliver this new universe onto the doorstep of foreign players. Because I have not earned enough honour to unlock a better translator, my current device may only convert to the Veru'nas dialects.

We need the help of you slaves... I mean free-willed fleshsack (That's less offensive right?) to create in-game content in the form of news articles and translators fluent in both Human Common and a language of your choice. If you would like to help write news articles, create a mock one incorporating empire, planet, city, person, and/or corporation names along with the sweeping repercussions or unforeseen feature complications attributed to an event. You may choose to quote servants found at the scene.

If you would like to help translate the game into another language, we will need to know your meager human brains can handle such tasks.
Submit to us a piece of writing in English with proper spelling and grammar; if you have none you could write a news article like above.

In both cases submit the content in the form of a private message to me. Should you want to translate, have the language as the subject title.

May your inevitable deaths pay as tribute to the elders.

Your ever dominant overlord, Sypheria.

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Dutch - Kuiper
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