Community: Novus AEterno Short Story Winners!


A few weeks ago we asked everyone to submit their Novus AEterno short stories on our forum. Both the winning and runner up short story were read live during our previous livestream by Denny. The winning story, submitted by Lord Tyrius, will also be integrated into the existing Novus AEterno lore! We want to thank everyone for their amazing stories … More…

Community: Novus AEterno Short Story Extension.

The Pirates

Many of you have been asking us for more time to finalize the creation of your Novus AEterno short story. This is why we have decided to extend the deadline by two weeks. This also means anyone who has not been able to watch the livestreams, and did not hear about this competition, will now also have a chance to … More…

Community: Novus AEterno Livestream Tonight and Change In Livestream Schedule!

Live Stream

Join us tonight as on Twitch for our usual Saturday night Livestream. We will start the Livestream at 10pm GMT. So make sure to join us for more Novus AEterno game-play, updates on development and to get your chance to hang out with our awesome devs! Please be aware that from today, we will only be livestreaming once every two weeks.

Community: This week we will be taking a break from Twitch!

Live Stream

Sadly there will be no livestream tonight as some of the developers are experiencing a few internet connection problems. Nick also recently returned from his super secret mission mentioned in last week’s devblog and is currently fighting against a heavy case of jet-lag. We apologize to everyone for the sudden cancellation of tonight’s live stream. We will be back next … More…

Community: Attention All Infiltrators!

Azsendi Pic

We call upon all infiltrators! All infiltrators are requested to update their version of Novus AEterno to the latest build and report to duty for debugging. As of now the new build is slightly buggy and we expect things to break and cause trouble for a while. We ask that everyone please do their best to help us iron-out the … More…

Community: Livestream 22nd of March

Live Stream

During tonight’s livestream, we will once again be joined by our Creative Director. We will be talking more about the lore you have come to love. We know there are quite a few people out there who can’t get enough of the lore, so make sure you join us tonight for a deeper look at the lore of Novus AEterno. … More…

Community: What we will be focusing on during this week’s livestream!

Live Stream

The balance of Novus AEterno! This Saturday we will be discussing the current balance of units within Novus AEterno. We will be having a deep interactive discussion about the future balancing of the game. We will also share with you what our plans are for the balancing of Novus AEterno. We would really appreciate your input. Novus AEterno will constantly … More…

Community: Massive Announcement Happening Tonight.

Live Stream

Massive announcement during tonight’s livestream! During tonight’s Livestream, we will be announcing a new game changing feature which we will be implementing into the game within the next few days. This is something you do not want to miss! This feature is something many of the infiltrators have been asking and patiently waiting for. We have been working hard getting … More…

Community: Saturday Night Livestream Tonight!

Live Stream

Tonight we will be discussing exactly what we see for the future of Novus AEterno and how we plan on getting there. We will be open the floodgates and show you the inner working of development and how we will move forward from here. Many of you are in game at the moment, so it is a perfect time to … More…

Community: Infiltrator Update!


The infiltrator program is under way! We would like to thank everyone for their patience and help throughout this process. Majority of the Infiltrators keys have been sent out. If you have not received the email, we ask that you check your spam folder before contacting us. There are bound to be a few issues with giving access to all … More…