Developer Updates: Developer Blog #7 (10th of April)

The next big update for Novus AEterno is on the verge of completion. As of now, everything is going as planned on the new test server. We are constantly adding and removing elements to this server in order to test everything before sending it your way.

We don’t have an expected release date yet. We apologize for the wait and thank everyone for their patience. We are doing everything we can to make sure we send out the best possible update.

With a lot of hard work, and some luck, we foresee the update being released within the next few days.

Client Team

The Alliance UI is currently going through some changes. Bridge shaders and transitions are officially completed. A few things broke along the way, but they are getting fixed as you read this.

A lot of time is being spent on finding and killing as many bugs as possible and polishing up everything we have already completed.

The next stage of bridge development will be the Client team’s highest priority from now on. They will be working on it full time from here on out.

Server Team

A functioning version of the Offline A.I. has been implemented onto the test server. This version of the A.I is far from complete. As of now, it can be defend star systems on a per planet and per player mechanic and also spawn in ships which are destroyed while a player is offline. There are still a lot of systems which need to be added into the current version of the Offline A.I.

Other work includes working on the troops, NPCs and tactics. The patcher is also taking up a lot of the server team’s time, as it is slightly broken.

 Art Team

This week we are showing you the final design for the E.C.H.O. One of the new planet designs we are currently working on and the female version of the Player General.

Saturday Night Livestream!

During this week’s livestream we will be giving you a deeper look at the inner working of the Novus AEterno Dev team. We will be joined by many of the developers of Novus AEterno and sharing exactly what each one is currently up to.

The livesteam will start this Saturday (12th of April) at 10PM GMT on