Developer Updates: Developer Blog #9

Now that the latest update for Novus AEterno is live on the Infiltrator server, we can begin filtering through everything new we have placed into the game and get to work fixing bugs which may be causing players some frustration. Everyone here at Taitale is working around the clock to fix the bugs the latest update has caused.

Client Team

As of now the basic capital ship bridge is in game. However, there is still a lot of work to be done on the bridge itself. The client team is currently working on redoing and tweaking much of the current bridge. They are also working through various graphical bugs and glitches currently found in game.

Server Team

The server team is in the process of integrating the chat server, sync server and the proxy server into our current server architecture. There has also been a few changes to our overall network allowing for more traffic and improved accuracy of the monitor server.

Work is currently being done on the admin server which will mean less crashes related to the use of admin tools. The server team is also looking at changing the way authentication is handled between the admin tools and the admin server.

The other areas of focus at the moment are the offline A.I. and Tactics. Changes and fixes are being applied to the A.I. server to minimize crashes and a bit of work is needed on the current UI of the tactics system.

Art Team

The art team is currently working on improving some of the textures that are find in the bridge. They are also, as always, working on adding more and intersting assets to the bridge itself.

If you haven’t been able to have a look at the current state of the bridge found in the game, here are a few screenshots:

Saturday Night Livestream!

Join us for this week’s livestream this saturday. Nick will be coming to you from a top secret location as he is on a mission of utmost importance over the next few days!

The livesteam will start this Saturday (26th of April) at 10PM GMT on