Developer Updates: Developer Blog #12

As mentioned in a previous update, we are currently within the process of re-prioritizing our development schedule. Right now we are focusing on spending most of our development time on polishing and debugging all the core game-play elements within Novus AEterno.

We wish to create the best possible playable alpha state as soon as possible.

What we are doing right now.

We recently implemented an update which saw changes and improvements to how population is regulated on player controlled planets. This update has managed to break quite a few things. We are working our way through the update and fixing things as quickly as possible. We want to make sure we have polished and perfected this update before we start pushing out the next one.

Missiles are also currently being worked on and should be back in Novus AEterno soon; there are still a few things which require some elbow grease.

We are also on the verge of creating in-game NPC fleets. Expect to start seeing roaming A.I controlled fleets through the universe relatively soon.

Artwork from the Lore Bible.

This artwork I believe speaks for itself. A sprawling futuristic city, two smugglers dealing within the shadows, and pretty heavily armed gunmen around the corner.

It is safe to say that those smugglers are about to get busted!

We also have some new in-game screenshots:

These screenshots were taken when we decided to see what the A.I. was made of. We tried to attack a planet under its control. We had to constantly spawn in more ships as the A.I. is not the easiest thing to defeat.

Saturday Night Livestream!
A small reminder to everyone that there will not be a livestream this week as we have moved the Novus AEterno livestream to every other weekend. So join us next week Saturday at 10pm GMT on