Developer Updates: Developer Blog #13

Novus AEterno Mosh Pit Tonight!

We ask all infiltrators to join us in-game at 7PM UTC.

Tonight we will be hosting a mosh pit on the Novus AEterno Infiltrator server. We will be testing systems which were recently implemented and a few other systems which went through some fixing and changes.

The testing we will be doing tonight is extremely critical, so we ask each and every member of the Novus AEterno Infiltrator program to please join us in-game tonight!

Novus AEterno Steam Group

What we have been getting up to.

This week has been a busy one for us. We have managed to add the first stage of Zones of Conflict into Novus AEterno! There is still a lot that needs to be added to Zones of Conflict. As of now players will be able to see battles taking place near you when in solar system view.

For anyone who can’t remember just exactly how Zones of Conflict will work can read up on the Command Points system here:

Command Points

We have been spending a lot of time added fixes and changes to the troops and planet capturing mechanics. We have added a lot of detail to both these systems. Population management has received a lot of attention.

Planet capture now has a new troop combat system.

When a player drops troops onto another player’s planet, troops from both sides will enter combat. “X” amount of troops will engage the enemy troops on the front lines. Any other troops will be placed as reinforcements.

As one player wins combat during a cycle an enemy troop is eliminated. If reinforcements are available they will fill the slots left over by the fallen troops. If no reinforcements are available the slot will be left vacant. Capturing a planet can take quite some time; depending on the amount of troops available to both players and which player’s troops win each cycle.

**Troops is a working title. Eventually we will be changing it over to Divisions. Divisions will come in various types (Armored, Infantry, etc.) and offer both advantages and disadvantages depending on the division type.

Client Team

Final work is complete on the Alliance UI. We have recently come across a small problem within the rank system. Once we have fixed this issue we will be moving on to the next UI within our list.

We are also in the process of changing ship explosions from using a particle system to a prefab system. Work is also being done on a few new weapon effects which should be implemented into the game within the near future.

Server Team

Server side implementation and fixes for troop landing, planet capturing and the first stage of Zones of Conflict are completed. The Database version is also now officially working the way we intended.

Over the last few weeks we have been fixing all the memory leaks we have come across. This has allow the server to stay up for longer periods of time before the server needs to restart. There are still a few leaks that require some attention but they will be fixed in no time. We have also been going through all the  A.I. code just to make sure that there isn’t any unfinished code which could cause issues in the future.