Developer Updates: Developer Blog #30 - Steam Keys and Future Plans


Currently we are working on bug fixes and optimization. We have also been working on polishing up many of the UI controls.

We have also completed the Key Binding system which will allow players to bind keys to various UI controls and other actions for ease of access. This system will be added into the the game soon.

Universe generation is getting a revamp this month. Solar systems (now just Systems) will become larger and filled with more things to explore. Moons and stars will become actual game objects making moons colonizable and laying the groundwork for colonizing stars.

Various resources will be added to planets, stars, fields and other celestial objects in preparation of the Syndicate and Crafting systems. This will make exploration, diplomacy and trading more important as various resources will be exclusive to galaxies and different types of celestial objects.

We are planning on opening up the Live server near the end of November or beginning of December to all players currently holding a Steam Key acquired via our Kickstarter campaign. We can not say exactly on which date we will be opening up the Live Server at this time.

Future development over the next few months

  • Bug fixes and general improvements.

  • New Chat System

    • The client will be implementing the new chat system which includes an unique friends list (Protocol List) which has mutual or one-way friends (or enemies) and will have various advantages for knowing someones protocol in the future.

    • Also included is whispering, localized chat, group chat and a revamped chat UI.

  • New Universe generator.

    • Making the universe more interesting to explore.

  • Syndicates & Work Orders

    • Allows players to take contractual jobs by themselves or as a group for funds.

  • Planet Defence Sectors

    • Constructible sectors that will defend space around your planets.

  • Verunas

    • Whole new playable scary, slimy, drooly race that plays tiny instruments.