Novus AEterno

Start with a home planet that you can never lose. Expand your control outward across an unlimited universe of galaxies. It’s a sandbox in space where you can build your empire- and influence over other players. Do it anyway you wish: through diplomatic channels, intelligence, military might or economic power. Thousands and thousands of players at one time on one seamless map.

The game never stops; even when you are offline. There is always a way to rebuild and recover, and there are always potential new allies and foes ready to engage you on a truly galactic scale. The strategic choices you make today will affect your tactical efforts next week, next month, and even next year!

Everything in Novus AEterno is completely up to the players who inhabit the universe.There are no pre-set missions and there are no pre-determined linear scripts that every player must progress through. Story arcs in the future will be based on the Lore and will occur galaxy-wide for every player to deal with at the same time, regardless of how long they have been playing. What you learn from the revelations of the story arc, and how you choose to respond to these new developments will determine how your galaxy and the larger universal map progresses.

Control the galaxy by constructing a huge, near limitless variety of player-designed ships. Your ships have directional armor, weapons, varying speeds and can even be knocked around from explosions. Design your fleet tailored to the way you want to play.

Ship Customization lets you develop the perfect ship for the objectives at hand. Select your Ship Hull, then add weapons, shields, armor, engines and any specialty modules that you’ve researched. The tradeoffs and choices allow special task fleets to be fitted for specific operations or more generalized combat readiness. Will it be long-ranged maneuverable sniper fleets or fast and short-range brawlers…or something else? You decide!