Capital Ship

Capital Ships are massive “Hero” style hulls. They are three times the size of a dreadnought and ten times as powerful! Capital ships are fully customisable, just like every other ship in Novus AEterno, but each player will only be able to have one constructed at any given time.

There will be various capital ship hulls, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each hull type will have a unique component slot layout, with different amounts of component slots allocated to them; some will have more engine slots than shields for example. The role a capital ship plays within a player’s empire will not be defined by the hull, but rather by the components a players decides to place within said hull. Build a massive warship style cargo vessel or create an extremely well shielded carrier; it is all up to you.

The one thing that truly makes capital ships different to the rest of a players fleet is the implementation of 4 unique component slots. A player will be able to equip 4 modules to a capital ship. These unique modules will give various activatable abilities or buffs to a player’s capital ship, fleet or even their entire empire.

There will be a large amount of capital ship modules available to all players within Novus AEterno. Players will be able to discover many of them through research but NPC will sell modules from all the races within the game to every player regardless of the race the player has chosen. This mean that a player could have a module from every other race on a human hull.

The look of a capital ship will also be customizable. Players will be able to skin a capital ship by buying skins from the ingame store. WE REFUSE to sell anything that will increase the strength and effectiveness of capital ships. The effectiveness of capital ships comes down to how a player has constructed it.