Your Crew

Your ship’s crew is a critical part of Novus Aeterno; they each can progress along with the player’s avatar and be interacted with inside of the capital ship’s bridge. Changing and interaction with your crew will allow you to create your own fleet that will fit your needs and your vision for a personalized force of space fleets.

The hull class of each ship determines the amount of officer slots allocated to it. These slots can be filled with officers specialized in either weapons, engineering, navigation, communication, etc. Each officer brings improved skill to their assigned ships in their specialized fields. These increases can be anything from increased sensor visibility to faster hull repairs.

As the game progresses further your officers will level up and gain new skills and attributes to further improve certain aspects of the ships they are assigned to.
Officers are not bound to one ship and can be moved from one ship to another as the situations around the player changes. This will allow the player to take full advantage of their knowledge. Officers of the same specialization can even be “stacked” into the same ship.

If a player builds an academy on one of his or her owned planets, the officers can be sent there for training to further increase their skills. Keep in mind, as a crew increases in strength so will the Command Point value of the ship they are assigned to, filling up your CP capacity even faster.