Command Points

Due to the fact that all units in Novus Æterno are built and customized from the ground up, the game implements 2 forms of Command Points based on the value of each ship owned by the player.

Empire CP.

Every component of every single ship in a player’s fleet has a number of CP allocated to it. The better the component, the higher the CP value. Ships made from mainly high CP value components will take up more CP capacity, decreasing the amount of ships the player can create; in contrast, low CP value ships can be produced in larger numbers.

Players can increase their empire CP by expanding their empires and increasing their overall empire population.

Zones of Conflict.

A war is not fought in a single battle but one battle can impact the outcome. The new Zone of Conflict CP system will balance combat between players regardless of their Empire wide CP.

When combat between two or more players breaks out, the area around them will be designated as a zone of conflict. WIthin this zone each player will be soft-capped to a X amount of CP points.

This does not mean that players are unable to exceed the soft cap on CP within the area. If a player adds more forces to a conflict zone and exceeds the cap, a debuff will be allocated to that player’s ships within the conflict zone.

This debuff will increase in severity as the player continues to add more CP to the conflict zone. The debuff will affect all aspect of a player’s ships. Supply consumption, turn rate, firing rate, etc. All these element will increase, making the combat more costly to a player that has exceeded the cap. You can still win the battle, but it will require more financial and tactical backing from you.

The CP within a zone of conflict is consistent until the battle ends, preventing players from continually sending in reinforcements.

A buff will be applied to all ships within a conflict zone consisting of more than two players. This buff will increase the “tankiness” of each ship within the conflict zone and the strength of the buff will continue to increase as more and more players enter a single battle. This will make support players jobs somewhat easier, as more health to each ship will allow them enough time to move from ship to ship to resupply and commence repairs. This will also mean that large battle will require tactical thinking and will last for a much longer time.

Zones of conflict are not separate instances but will take place in the persistent universe of Novus AEterno. All players will be able to see, on their tactical map, exactly where a zone of conflict has broken out; up to 3 systems away from their line of sight. You will not know who is involved or how many players the zone of conflict consist of.

Players within a zone of conflict will be able to send out S.O.S signals to other players in the form of missions. A player can then choose to accept the mission or not and respond accordingly.

A zone of conflict that breaks out around an epic planet will not have a CP cap, which allows all players to throw everything they have at each other.

No unit within a zone of conflict will be allowed to use travel speed and severe debuffs will be given to FTL travel.

The CP systems will allow players to infinitely expand their empires without having to worry about having a capped fleet. The zone of conflict soft-cap will require players to work together and break up their military forces into smaller more manageable fleets.

Zones of conflict will also promote players to stretch a war out over multiple battles instead of just throwing everything you have at an enemy and hoping for the best.