Your Empire

Five empires once controlled the galaxy, fighting amongst themselves for dominant power. With the destruction of the old empires the galaxy is open to be conquered once more.

Each player in Novus Æterno will have the ability to create and control his or her own empire. Players begin the game with a homeworld which will be the starting point and capital of their empire. To expand an empire, players need to capture planets which will expand the empire’s influence. Each planet can be used to create production structures, resources and even residential districts. Planets also allow for research and storage. The more time a player spends on development of a planet the greater the benefits of the planet will become.

As a player expands further into space, border protection will become a lot harder to do. Players might be able to control many planets at one time, but ships will be spread thin in order to patrol the borders of such a vast empire.
Becoming a member of an alliance is a great way to improve defences of a large empire. Alliances can also use their numbers to push their borders further into the heart of an enemy’s territory.