In order to advance technologically in Novus AEterno a player needs to complete research which will unlock new weapons, hulls and passive upgrades. Research starts of by acquiring theories which a player needs to  can lead into technological breakthroughs in the form of Prototypes. These breakthroughs can then in turn lead to the discovery of the final product which the player can use in game.

An engineer or a scientist might get an idea on how to improve a certain aspect of your fleet by witnessing a battle on the frontlines. From there the idea shapes into an applicable theory. This theory can then be researched and tested which will give an end result. This is the process used to conduct research in Novus AEterno.

For example:

A player begins research on a theory which could increase the rate at which a specific weapon fires. If the research is successful the player will be able to refine the prototype created through the applied theory into a mass producible weapon.The player may wish to add multiple theories together with the first theory, which could create an upgraded version of the weapon or create a completely new technological discovery altogether.

The outcome of a theory is not known to the player, some theories will lead to major discoveries whereas some theories might be dead ends and will not yield anything at all. This will require the player to experiment with different combinations of theories in order to unlock new Prototypes. Unlocked Prototypes can then be researched and when completed will make the newly acquired technology available for construction within the player’s factory.

Due to the “Trial and Error” nature of the research process in Novus AEterno, a player that is brand new to the game might unlock something that a long term player hasn’t unlocked. This means that you will always find players who want what you have or have what you want. Theories are not tradable but the completed results are. This will allow players to work together in order to get access to technology they have not unlocked yet through cooperation and trading.

All research requires Research Points (RP). All research centers generate RP unless it is currently completing another task. Theories and Prototypes have an associated RP cost which must be spent before research can begin. RP is generated individually on each planet and is lost if all research centers are destroyed or the planet is captured.