Developer Updates: Developer Blog #5 (27th March)

We are nearing the completion and release of the next Novus AEterno update. We have been hard at work getting everything ready. There are a few things we are still currently working on, but we are on schedule. So far everything is working out just as we planned. However, it isn’t ready for the infiltrator server just yet. We have a few more things we need to do.

Client Team

Most of the work on the bridge is completed. There are a few things which are taking longer than expected, but we will have everything ready once the update goes live. Changes to the sector system are still being implemented. Both the options UI and the Tactics UI will be finished soon. We will then start working on expanding current UIs and creating the troop UI.

Server Team

The finishing touches are being done to capital ships and troops, which will allow us to finish server persistence by the end of this weekend. Troop dropping and Planet capturing are not currently within the next update, don’t worry though, they will be working and implemented by the time the update goes live. Planetary orbit is also not within this build.

This build will be going up on Friday, on a new server. This does not mean that players will have access to this server; as we are still working on the build. We will use this server to test everything before sending the update out to the infiltrator server and allow us to give the community a narrowed down release date.

Art Team

As mentioned within the previous updates, the art team is hard at work creating multiple assets for the game. Nothing much to report except that everything is going smoothly and is looking great!

 Here are some new images for you to drool over!
( Many of you have asked us for High-Res images. To see the images in all their glory, simply click on the image.)

A look at one of the consoles found on the bridge of the capital ship!

This is the community’s first look at the E.C.H.O. (Remember to breath while looking at it!)


Saturday Night Livestream!

During this week’s Livestream we will be looking at the upcoming update. We will be showing you exactly what to expect and what we are currently working on. We will be accepting you questions and suggestions regarding the update.

If you want a deeper look at what you can expect within the next build of the game, make sure you join us this Saturday (29th of March) at 5pm EST/2pm PST (10PM GMT) on