Developer Updates: Developer Blog #10

The Novus AEterno developers are all currently in the process of upgrading and changing the software we use to work on the game. This is not only to make our lives easier, but also to decrease development times.

Aside from the software changes currently being done we are still hard at work crafting and shaping the future of Novus AEterno.

Client Team

With the release of the previous update of Novus AEterno we have officially passed our first Milestone within the development process. As we move forward we want to use our time as efficiently as possible, which is why the client team will be doing a complete restructure of the current development schedule.

Work on the various UIs found within the game is still currently underway. Work is also being done on both the ship shaders and holographic effects connected to the E.C.H.O.

Server Team

Right now the client doesn’t always work as intended while communicating with the server. The server team is currently working on correcting the problem.

Server tools are still being tweaked and continued database versioning is being done on the server.

We have also recently come across a problem related to the authentication server. A crash would happen if an authorisation packet was received before the player actually logged into the game. This is the server team’s highest priority as of now and we are doing everything we can to fix this problem.

Art Team.

We do not have any new pictures which are cleared to be shared with the community. We do however have a video which showcases the gameplay currently found within Novus AEterno.