Developer Updates: Developer Blog #11

Last week we mentioned the changes we are currently doing to our software. Now that the changeover is mostly completed, we can once again get back on track with development of Novus AEterno.

At the bottom of this week’s update you will find a short sneak peek at some of the lore you will find within the Novus AEterno Lore bible.

Client Team

As of now the bridge of your capital ship is spawned in at a random location near your starting planet and remains stationary. We are currently in the process of placing the bridge on the exact location of your capital ship so it will move as your capital ship roams throughout the universe.

Finishing touches are being done to both the Tactics UI and the Alliance UI.

Server Team

Server communication has been improved and capital ships can now be rebuilt if they are destroyed. A re-balancing of planet capture values is underway and a few steps are being taken towards the implementation of the future event server.

The creation of a Flock editor and Faction creator tool has been completed. This is the first step towards creating NPC factions. It will also allow us to spawn in NPC controlled fleets in the future!

Art Team.

Work is still underway with the shaders on the bridge as a few issues popped us during the last shader update. Laser effects are also in the process of getting a makeover.

Creation of NPC space station will begin within the next few days whereas the creation of the Captain’s Quarters is already underway.

We are also currently integrating a new GFX programmer into the team!

As of now, there isn’t any in-game artwork cleared for public viewing. We do however have a sneak peak at some new artwork for our story bible.
Moonlight Trek

This image depicts a pilgrimage done by converts as they make their way to their ancient temples.

These massive structures, believed to be built by the gods themselves, hold many of the Zealot’s holy relics.

Many converts make the pilgrimage at least once within their lifetime, just for a chance to gaze upon the work of the gods. It is a dangerous and long journey which requires months, if not years, of preparation; both physically and spiritually. Many Zealots work their entire lives to prepare for the day they make the pilgrimage.

The Zealots believe that the pilgrimage is a test set before them by the gods. Only those who complete it are allowed to enter the holy temples. The entire pilgrimage must be completed on foot, any mode of transport to and from the temple is strictly prohibited and all forms of technology, regardless of origin or purpose, is forbidden near the temples.

Each year thousands of pilgrims attempt to complete the pilgrimage, sadly most Zealots never make it to the temple. It is believed that many die of starvation during the pilgrimage or they simply fall off the maintain the temples are built on.

Most Zealots believe that dying on the pilgrimage is a sign that the gods mark you as unworthy of their presence and that they struck you down due to your lack of faith. The families left behind by the unworthy are required to publicly renounce the name of the fallen Zealot in front of the gods and many are ostracized from the church.

These structures the Zealots believe to be built by their gods were actually constructed millennia ago by the Cauldron Born faction known as: “The Broken”. Long since abandoned, the human Zealots stumbled across these structures and believed they were built for them as a sanctuary and place of worship.