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Novus AEterno Gameplay Footage

We have uploaded the latest Novus AEterno gameplay footage. This video shows Zones of Conflict, troops, population management and a few other things.

What we are currently working on.

Over the last few weeks we have been hard at work trying to resolve two bugs which have been annoying Novus AEterno.

The first of the two is the memory leak which we have mentioned within previous updates. It is still giving us a few grey hairs, but it should be completely fixed within the next few days.

The second problem is the one that is taking up most of our time.

The game is currently experiencing issues with invalid packets between the client and server. The issue is closely tied to our internal framework but is something we can easily fix once we find it.

These invalid packets are extremely difficult to detect and isolate. The team has been spending many a night trying to find the exact cause of the problem and come up with the best way to fix it. They have a few working theories and are systematically testing them. This isn’t a serious bug, it is a bug we can easily fix. We do however need to find it first.

Other than these minor annoyances, we are still working on the implementation of NPC factions. They are coming along well and we will soon be able to show them off to you guys.

Livestream Reminder!

A quick reminder to everyone that the Novus AEterno livestream will take place next weekend on the 21st of June.