Developer Updates: Developer Blog #35 - Stability & Bug Uploader

Cycle Changes

Those of you who have played will have noticed the cycles we’re reduced back to 30 seconds. We felt that the 5 minute cycle duration made gameplay feel a little too slow at the moment. In the future we will be making changes to the factories so they can build stacks of components instead of one at a time. This will allow us to put cycles where we want them and have the gameplay potentially feel faster than it currently is with the reduced cycle time.


Stability & Bug Uploader

This week we have been concentrating on increasing the stability of both the server and client. To help facilitate this, we have created the Acean Squasher 3000! No longer are the days of uploading dump files to the forums to help us. Now after a crash, you too can help with the xenocide of the Aceans with just a push of a button. The tool also compresses the files to reduce the upload size from ~10MB to ~2MB. Currently, there are a few remaining issues with it, but those are being sorted out.


What Would You Like To See?

This past week, we have been asking players in-game and on the forums two questions:

  1. What feature are you most excited for in Novus Aeterno?

  2. What feature would you like to see in Novus Aeterno that we have not yet announced?


You can join the conversation in the forums: