Developer Updates: Developer Blog #26


This week we have been working on something new for the game that I can not talk about just yet. Aside from that, which has been eating a lot of our time, we have of course also been working on our normal development!

The client team is currently working on much of the market UI, it has a couple of bugs that we want to fix and make it a more user friendly.

Ship skins are very close to being fully implemented into the Infiltrator server. There are still a few things which need to be fine tuned before the skin system is worthy of being presented to you.

The research system is undergoing a makeover. We have separated the categorization of the prototypes, theories and labs. We are also in the process of simplifying the research UI. We need to make it clear to players which items are currently being researched, to prevent players from trying to research something already completed.

We are currently doing some maintenance work on the Proxy and Chat servers. With this we ask everyone to please be patient while this is underway. There might be some problems while the maintenance is underway and we thank everyone for the patience.

The final thing currently on our list is a rewrite of the tactics system. We are aware that the tactics system is currently working pretty slowly and we are working as fast as we can to get this issue resolved.

And as always; general bug fixes, optimization and the adding of new tech and components. If you find any bugs, please report them on the forums and we’ll add them to our to-fix-list.

When you report an issue, please report the following:
- Clear title for the topic. Use a single topic per bug, and make sure it is easy to see what kind of bug it is.
- Describe the bug clearly: What caused it, what is the frequency it happens and what does it do.


As mentioned within a Facebook post yesterday; there will be no Livestream this week. We are currently very thinly spent with our manpower so we don’t have the ability to do a stream tonight.

Hopefully next weekend will be our date for the next stream instead, but we are not sure as of yet. We will keep you up to date of the coming week about our next stream! If we go with our usual schedule, we will be hosting it on the 4th of November.