Developer Updates: Developer Blog #25


A few week’s ago we mentioned the market which was implemented back into the game. We recently came across multiple bugs which are hampering development progress on the market. Fixing these bugs is currently one of our highest priorities.

These bugs are affecting many aspects associated with the market. However, none of the bugs are severe and will be fixed within a few days.

Last week we announced the completion of the Kickstarter fleet skins. Before we are able to implement these skins, we need to create a system which will allow a player to swap out the default skins and the skins unlocked on said player’s account. Our client team is hard at work creating and implementing this system. This will be the final step before the skins will be added to the game.

Fog of War options have been added into the game. We have added this for testing/experimentation purposes. As we have mentioned before, we are still working out exactly how Fog of War will work within Novus AEterno. This is not a permanent addition to the game. Fog of War will be removed, added again and changed multiple times over the course of development.

Other areas of development currently happening:

  • New Ship designer elements

  • New star colours

  • Weapon effects

  • Sun Flare intensity slider in options menu.

  • MSAA, MSAA x2 and MSAA x4 toggles in options menu.



Just a reminder that there is no livestream this week. The next livestream will take place on Saturday the 20th of September. Get your questions and suggestions ready in advance or simply post them in the comment section below.

If were unable to make it to last week’s livestream, there is no need to worry. Head over to our Youtube channel to catch up on all the livestreams you have missed.