Developer Updates: Developer Blog #24


In the last developer blog, we mentioned that work is currently being done on the market within Novus AEterno. Progress is going well and the final work on the market UI is nearing completion.

Player messages are now in the game. These messages will be sent to players at the end of missions and contain the rewards associated with the completed quest.

We are constantly adapting and changing many UIs within the game as development continues. We will soon be adding a research progress bar to the research UI and start the implementation of a comparison system into the ship designer, which will allow players to see the differences between components at a quick glance. We have recently added a brightness slider and we are currently working on add multi-sampling options to the options menu.

The Kickstarter fleet skins have finished development (the Karachias and Endgame fleets) and we are currently working hard on the implementation into the game! We are extremely excited to show them off to the community and we feel that this addition will add diversity to the current state of the game.

The new ship skins will be added to the server really soon.

Remember to claim your Kickstarter rewards on your Taitale account.


Novus AEterno Livestream

This week’s livestream will start at 22.00GMT+2 over on,

Just a reminder that we will be answering any and all question you might have during the livestream.

If you are unable to make it to the stream, please leave your questions in the comment section below and remember to head over to our YouTube Channel if you have missed any of our previous livestreams.

Novus AEterno Mosh Pit!

A quick reminder that we will be hosting a Mosh Pit next week Thursday on the Infiltrator server!
Make sure you update your Novus AEterno client and meet us in game for some explosions, destruction and some testing thrown in for good measure!!

We’d like to test the missiles, shields and research systems this week. Come and help us search for all the bugs we can find, as well as “test” some mass combat :) .

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more details regarding next week’s Mosh Pit!