Developer Updates: Developer Blog #23

Novus AEterno Livestream!

This week we will be choosing the winners of the quest story during the livestream! The winners of the competitions will have their entries added into Novus AEterno as playable quests.

There is some time left before entries for the competition will close. If you have not submitted your ideas yet, you can do so in this forum thread:

We will be starting the livestream an hour earlier this week.

The livestream will begin tomorrow (23rd of August) at 18.00GMT+2/18.00CET on


We have fixed a bug which caused factory sectors to show all components. Factories will now only show the components that are currently available to the player.

Last week we mentioned the quest and messaging user interfaces which are currently being worked on. The development of these interfaces are going strong and will be completed soon. We have also started work on the Shop UI.

Planets are now revolving correctly and both missiles and flak cannons are implemented into the infiltrator server. These weapons do not have any sounds associated with them yet and will be added in a future update.

We have also implemented a system which will render random explosions. No longer will you be faced with the same explosion over and over again. This will make large scale battles more visually appealing; even when you are losing.

We are glad to announce that markets are once again functioning. However, as of now the market only functions as a trading hub, as players are unable to set prices for the items they wish to sell. This will change over the next few weeks as we implement the pricing system into the market.

Novus AEterno Mosh Pit!

A quick reminder that we will be hosting a Mosh Pit next week Thursday on the Infiltrator server!

Make sure you update your Novus AEterno client and meet us in game for some explosions, destruction and some testing thrown in for good measure!!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for details regarding next week’s Mosh Pit!