Developer Updates: Developer Blog #22

Novus AEterno Livestream!

As many of you should be aware; gamescom takes place this week. With this we have decided to postpone this week’s livestream.

We will be livestreaming again on Saturday the 23rd of August at 9PM GMT on

This also means that the cut off date for the Novus AEterno quest submission has been postponed as well. The new cut off date is August the 22nd and we will be voting on the winners live during the stream on the following day.

Remember to submit your quests in this Novus AEterno forum thread.


The crash which occurs during log out for some players has reared it’s ugly head once again but this time it is caused by another problem. We have been spending a lot of time combing through everything we can get our hands on. We believe we have found the problem and will have it fixed within the next few days.

We have also completed the missile weapon ID system. This will allow us to start work on the more detailed attributes of individual missile weapons.

We have changed some of the UI symbols within Novus AEterno. The shield category has also been changed. It is now called “Guard” as it will no longer only contain shields.

Work on visual ship damage and planetary rotations is also underway and will be implemented into the Infiltrator server for testing within the upcoming week.

Other areas we are working on are:

  • Quest/Messaging Notifications

  • Further development of Overwatch

  • Player Mailing system

  • Server persistency

Novus AEterno Mosh Pit!

A quick reminder that we will be hosting a Mosh Pit tonight on the Infiltrator server!
Make sure you update your Novus AEterno client and meet us in game for some explosions, destruction and some testing thrown in for good measure!!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for details regarding tonight’s Mosh Pit!