Developer Updates: Developer Blog #21

Novus AEterno Quest Submissions!

This is the final week for quest submissions! We will be voting on the winners during next week’s livestream!

We are looking for shorts stories which will be used to lead into the beginning of different quest chains. These quest stories need to remain quite short, while retaining all the information needed to begin the quest and get the quest completed.

The entries will be accepted no later that next week Friday (15th August).
So get those entries in before the time runs out.

Remember to submit your stories in this Novus AEterno forum thread.


Factions and quests are ready to go. Both systems have been implemented and are in the first stages of in-game testing. Right now, they are in their most basic of working forms.

We are still working on these elements of the game as we move forward in development and will be adding in more features in the future. We are currently working on the mailbox; which will allow the factions to communicate with you, and an NPC rewards system.

We are aware that some infiltrators are experiencing a few minor graphical glitches with the newly updated godrays. We will be implementing an option to turn godrays off within the next infiltrator update.

We have made a few changes to missiles:

  • We have increased the speed of missiles. Missile will now always hit the enemy flak shield.

  • As of now, 50% of a missile swarm will pass through a flak shield. We will be editing this at a later stage and change the % based on the type of shield being hit.


Saturday Night Live Stream!

Just a reminder that there is no livestream this week. We will be back next week Saturday at 9PM GMT on

Remember to submit your questions and comments in the comment section below!

We will be gathering up all the comments made throughout this week and respond to them live next week Saturday!

Thursday Night Mosh Pit!!

We will be hosting a Mosh Pit next week Thursday!!

Make sure you update your Novus AEterno client and meet us in game for some explosions, destruction and some testing thrown in for good measure!!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for details regarding next week’s Mosh Pit!