Developer Updates: Developer Blog #32 - Server access, Flu and Space Buoys

Clarification on upcoming access!

As we are slowly heading towards the end of the month, we are continuing preparations for allowing access to many of our Kickstarter backers. There is still a lot of work to do before we are ready to open up the servers, but we are making great progress towards this big milestone.

We feel we have to clarify on what access will bring to our Kickstarter backers.

Access to the game at this point will NOT be on Steam. We are still in an early stage of development and the game is still quite a way from being a full release and access to the current build will be run off separate servers via a separate client.

Once the game is officially ready for Steam, we will be giving out Steam keys to all of the players who have gained access to this separate game server.

What we are working on right now.

As is common place during this time of the year, many of our staff is currently fighting off the deadly plague known as the flu. This has caused development to slow down slightly, but we are still moving forward with our schedule as planned.

We are currently redoing a few elements of Novus due to a few code changes which recently came into effect. These changes are anything serious and will be completed soon.

Work on a new chat UI is underway which will allow players to have a better in game chat experience with various colors and tabs, along with the ability to move the window.

The ship designer is going through a face lift and the finishing touches are being made to various hotkey presets which will be added into the game soon. We are also continuing work on a large amount of new visual effects and updates to the old ones currently in game.

Last but not least, we will soon be adding space buoys into Novus AEterno. These buoys will be used to mark the border of your territory which will give players an easy visual indication of where each player’s territory ends.