Developer Updates: Developer Blog #33 - Live Server & Steam Keys

Reminder for $75+ Tiers

There are still 140 people who have yet to create their Taitale account and register their Kickstarter / Paypal packages. Please refer to the past email for information. If you still have issues, please send an email to [email protected]

Redeem Your Key!

We are happy to announce that backers of $25+ ($20 for early bird) packages from Kickstarter or PayPal are now able to enter the new live server, as we have been mentioning over the last few weeks.

Existing infiltrators will also need a Steam key to play on the Live servers, so don’t give your last (or only) one away. To redeem your key, head over to and log in with your account. Under the “My Profile” tab, select “Items and Redeeming”. Within this window the redeem button to the right of the “Steam Key” is now available. This will allow you to redeem your access to the new server.

We need to remind everyone that this will not be via steam as of yet. Once we launch on Steam we will be distributing the official steam keys, which players can then use to add the game to their steam library.

If you do not yet have the Novus AEterno client, the download can be found on the home screen of or be accessed via this direct link:

Existing infiltrators that qualify for the new server access can use their current client to access the server. Simply open the client and update/launch the game without hitting the red infiltrator button used to access the infiltrator server.

If there are any problems with access to the server, please check the forums. Responses there are generally very fast. For issues with redeeming your key, please send an email to [email protected] and we will get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Server Wipes and Changes

Full persistence is currently being updated and will be in effect next week. Until then there will be wipes. After that point there will be partial wipes depending on the new systems introduced like an economic overhaul, or full wipes with the case of new universe generation. There will be a final wipe before we go up on Steam.

There are still issues with research that need to be resolved before it can be enabled. Markets are currently capable of “selling” to other players but there is no way to set a price, no way to remove something up for sale and no way to haul funds on a ship.

Remember that the game is still in alpha stages and that much of what is in the current build will be changed.


Below you will find a list of fixes that have been implemented into Novus AEterno over the last two weeks:

  • Fixed some issues with laboratories.
  • Fixed issues with construction.
  • Fixed research completion.
  • Fixed market transactions.
  • Fixed ship construction.
  • Fixed capital ship limits.
  • Fixed proper client disconnecting.
  • Fixed release libraries.
  • Fixed client saving issues.
  • Fixed server connection closing redundancies.
  • Fixed multiple crashes in the client.
  • Fixed client crashing on exit.
  • Fixed bug where client would terminate the game if the authentication server was closed.
  • Optimized unit build times.
  • Unit models now display correctly.
  • Made keybindings only load when entering the game universe.
  • Management server was using waaay too much CPU, which is now fixed.
  • Fixed default cycles setting.
  • Fixed errors in the template editor.
  • Fixed a universe saving issue.
  • Fixed an error that we have had since the beginning; the client disconnected from the game wrong. This would also occasionally take down the website.
  • Removed redundant code from server.
  • Research is disabled right now.

We have been hard at work getting the server to a point where we feel comfortable giving access out to the people whom have been supporting us for so long. We thank each and every one of your for your continued support as we move forward with development.