Kickstarter: Races, Veru’nas Lore, 4th Stretch Goal Funded, Live stream and Add-ons!!

Meet Rodrigo, our Creative Director and learn about his vision for Novus AEterno!!

Today we would like to share the first part of our Race presentation. In this video  Rodrigo, our creative director gives you a glimpse into his vision for the Novus AEterno universe. He delves a bit into his history as an artist and the creative process of the 5 unique races in the game.

Race presentation Part 1

First Veru’nas Lore Release.

Today we released the first faction lore of an alien race. The Veru’nas Outcast faction lore is officially available on our website.

We are steadily moving towards the next lore release which will cover the Veru’nas Savage Faction. It will be released once we hit 2600 backers on Kickstarter.

4th Stretch Goal Funded!

Thanks to the combined pledges on both Kickstarter and Paypal, we have officially funded our 4th stretch goal. This newly funded stretch goal is all about colonizing moons.

To read up on exactly what this newly funded stretch goal includes, head over to ourWebsite.

We are already quite close to reaching our 5th stretch goal, Orbital Defences. Keep up the good work! Let’s get these stretch goals funded!!

Livestream and Add-ons!

For this week’s livestream we will be joined by Rodrigo, our creative director here at Taitale Studios. During the livestream he will be talking about the lore and races within Novus AEterno. He will also be answering questions from the community, so get those questions prepared in advance.

The livestream will take place on Saturday the 18th of January at 5pm EST/2pm PST (11PM CET) on

We will also be releasing our next wave of Add-ons really soon, so keep an eye on our website and Kickstarter page!

Super Secret Bonus Screenshot!!

We here at Taitale Studios love doing things we aren’t really meant to be doing. This is currently a work in progress but we seemed to have run out of funding. As you can see there are no walls, the air is currently being held in by clear plastic and sticky tape!