$165K - Colonizing Moons

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To build the infrastructure needed to sustain a warring empire requires lots of space. Each planet within the Novus AEterno universe can only sustain so much. The ability to colonize moons will give you the ability to expand your empire without venturing too far away from your planets.

Colonize moons and use them to increase your mining operations by filling them with mines. Increase your fleet production by turning your moons into dedicated moon-sized factories.

Due to the small size of moons and their hazardous environment the population a moon will be able to support will be extremely small. This means that they will be quick to capture.

An attacking player could easily take over a moon that is orbiting one of your planets and use it as a forward staging base. They can then construct ships right on your doorstep and use them to continually bombard the planet down below.