$120K - Outposts

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All players will have to face the vastness of space. As your empire expands, the ability to defend it will become a much harder task. Outposts will allow you to create stationary platforms outfitted with weapons or scanners. These outposts are fully customizable; just like any ship you would design within Novus AEterno.

Players can choose what function an outpost will play simply by choosing what components are fitted within the platform. Create an outpost fitted with different weapons to guard the borders of your territory or scout out a sector of space by sending in an outpost filled with high-tech scanners before sending in your fleet.

You could even send an outpost into enemy territory that is fitted with a mixture of weapons and scanners. This way you can see what your enemy is up to and still give the outpost the ability to defend itself.

Outposts have a low CP cost, but they have heavy restrictions on which components can be fitted to the platform. Due to the low CP cost and the need to get an outpost to a location quickly, they only carry enough fuel to fire their engines once rocketing them to their destination at high speeds. Once the fuel has been depleted they will never be able to move from that location.