$75K - FUNDED!!!

As we reach the end of 2013, it is time to look back at what we have accomplish. Novus AEterno has really become something amazing over the last year. We are moving forward faster than we could ever have imagined and it is all thanks to the amazing community that we have supporting us.

Our biggest success in 2013 would have to be our Kickstarter campaign. To be totally honest, we didn’t know what to expect when our Kickstarter went live and we didn’t’t want to reveal too much of the broad vision we had in mind for Novus AEterno.

When we launched Kickstarter we were aiming for the bare minimum of what we accomplished so far. We have always had a grand plan for the game and Kickstarter would allow us to release the game in a playable state in order to secure funds that we would further invest into the development of Novus AEterno.

We placed the future of this project in your hands and the feedback we have received from the community through our Facebook page, comments on Kickstarter and the endless stream of suggestions and ideas has really been overwhelming. Novus AEterno is truly a game made by gamers for gamers. Your support over the course of our Kickstarter has started to rapidly decrease the development time of Novus AEterno. We have already put out two stretch goals and both have been blown past. But there is still so much we want to show you.

As we head into 2014 we have decided to lift the fortress shield over our plans for the future and share exactly what our big picture dream is for the game. Your excitement and insatiable hunger for more keeps us working day after day as we wish to create the perfect game for you.

Our wish for 2014 is to reach our next milestone. We have a multitude of systems and features planned for Novus AEterno. Crafting, NPC driven empires, ship officers, planetary defences and 5 playable races, each one unique with their own strengths and weaknesses. These are just some of the ideas we have planned. There is a lot more to come. Novus AEterno is a game that will forever expand and evolve. We have already reached our initial goal, the game WILL be released, but now we wish to push the depth of the Novus AEterno universe to a completely new level!. Reaching this milestone will allow us to drastically cut down development time and allow us to implement as much as we can before release and throughout 2014.

We have so much in store for you all, and we can’t wait to see how far Novus AEterno will go within 2014. We have all been working hard over the last few days. Everyone here at Taitale studios is running on low levels of sleep and we are all having a hard time remembering what color the sky is. But this will not stop us and we will keep pushing forward no matter the cost. We are hard at work crafting the Novus AEterno universe. We will fight to build the game that we have in our minds within the next year, we are ready to get Novus AEterno into your hands.