$280K - Crafting

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The crafting system within Novus AEterno will work slightly different to other game you might have played before. Instead of having a set list of recipes with predetermined outcomes, each player will have a unique experience as crafting is solely based on experimentation. Through said experimentation, you will be able to discover combinations that work for you.

Crafting will allow you to increase the effectiveness of components you have already researched or could even create something that negatively affects ship components or elements of your empire.

Crafting combinations will give different results to each player. Each player will have a different outcome when a combination is crafted. A recipe that has given you increased weapon damage could turn out to actually decreased the effectiveness of shields when crafted by another player.

Giving each player a unique outcome to crafting means that a player simply can’t search the internet for a specific outcome they are looking for, but will require you to experiment and discover the outcomes of crafting through trial and error.

The random crafting system allows one player to discover something another player would like. This could lead to said player becoming a valuable ally to other players, as he/she will be the only one with with the ability to construct whatever it is they have crafted; at least until someone else discovers it.

We will be adding more information about this Stretch Goal as we move towards it.