$500K - Full 3D Ship Interiors

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This is the pinnacle of what we would love to accomplish through Kickstarter. Giving every player the ability to explore the interior of his/her capital ship in Full 3D!

Take time away from the war within the universe to explore the interior of your capital ship. Walk around the flagship of your fleet and witness just what goes on inside.

Control your own personal avatar as he/she wanders the desks of the most powerful ship in your arsenal. Interact with a multitude of different elements and NPCs all rendered in full 3D.

While exploring the interior of your capital ship, make sure you visit the bridge. From the bridge you will be able to manage every aspect of your empire. Build new ships and develop the infrastructure of planets all from the safety and beauty of the bridge.

We will be adding more information about this Stretch Goal as we move towards it.