$180K - Planetary Defenses

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Leaving a sector of space completely undefended is bound to happen in the vastness of space.As you send your feet deeper into unexplored sectors, you might find your planets completely undefended.

Giving you the ability to build defence platforms that orbit around your planet will allow for a minor form of defence. Defence platforms are not designed to annihilate an enemy fleet in orbit, but are only their to defend your planet until you are able to fully respond to the treat.

Defence platforms will orbit your planets and do their best to protect them from attacking enemies. They are fully customizable and will require CP to construct. This does mean that you will have to find a balance between your fleet and the defence of your planets.

A player who chooses a more diplomatic path could decide to spend more CP on planetary defences as they won’t require a large powerful fleet to accomplish their goals. Alliances could take advantage of this form of gameplay.

An alliance could give a diplomatic or economic player control of a few key planets scattered within an alliances empire and turn them into highly defended checkpoints while the more militaristic players within the alliance goes out to conquer more territory.