Kickstarter: Infiltrator Streaming and Video Creation, Lore release and NAE Website!

Paypal and Add-ons!

There are 2 days left before we will be changing all tier rewards and add-ons! So if there is anything you still want to get your hands on, you need to do it asap!

Many of the add-ons will not be available again! The ringworld will be removed at the end of this month and will never be available again! Compendiums will also be removed from the add-ons, we will be ordering the first batch soon. We might make them available again in the future, but don’t expect to see them again for a long time!

A reminder to everyone: Any in game rewards and add-ons you are eligible for will be given to you as individual codes. This means that you do not have to use them all on your account. You can save them up and gift them to your friends or alliance members, or simply use them sometime in the future whenever you feel like it. The codes are yours. What you do with them is completely up to you!

Novus AEterno Website

We are currently working on revamping our website! We are focusing on streamlining many of the current systems, as well as adding a few new ones.

We are implementing new features to make it easier for backers and infiltrators to give suggestions and discuss ideas. We are also looking at implementing a voting system where in Infiltrators can vote on things they would love to see make it into the game.

Infiltrator Streaming and Video Creation.

Many of you who have backed us will soon be entering the boundless universe of Novus AEterno. When you have gained access to the game, you are free to stream and post videos about the game as you see fit!

We strongly request anyone who wishes to stream or post videos on the internet to please make it clear to your viewers that the build you currently have access to is a developer build and that you are playing on the developer server. We ask this due to many features not being completed yet and we wish to make it clear to everyone that it is not the final product!


This comes straight from Taitale Entertainment AG, so don’t listen to Youtube :P !!

Lore Release!

Just because Kickstarter has ended does not mean that we have stopped gaining backers. We have gained quite a few backers on Paypal, so today we are releasing the lore for the final Acaean Faction!

The Sapient Faction!

We will continue to release lore!  We also have a few other cool things which we will be sharing with you as we reach new milestones, which we are currently working on!