Developer Updates: Developer Blog #1

Infiltrator and Add-ons!

As we mentioned in our previous post, we are currently working on revamping our website. At this moment we are working on implementing a system which will allow you to link all your rewards and add-ons to your Taitale Account. This system will be part of the player database, which means it will be used when you purchase other items or content in the future.

The first phase of this system will allow you to link your alpha access code to your Taitale account. When you receive the email containing your Infiltrator Code, you must link them to a new or existing Taitale account before you will be able to enter the game. Any in-game rewards and game keys, will also be redeems in the same fashion. Codes from both Kickstarter and Paypal can be linked to the same account.

You do not have to use the codes right away. You can use them whenever you feel like it after you have received them; you can even give them to a friend!

The reimplementation of Research!

If you had access to the game before our Kickstarter started, or you payed close attention during the livestreams, you might have realized that the research system was removed from the game quite a while back. This was due to a bug that was discovered by one of your infiltrators.

The bug that was discovered, which is known as a Data Race, was connected to the cycle system which monitors and controls most of the non-time critical game elements through the server. When a player started a research just as the server started a new cycle, the entire server would crash!

They player that discovered this crash has been awarded the “I crashed the universe” achievement on our forums. Any player that finds a new bug that has the ability to crash the server will also be awarded this achievement and move up the ranks of the infiltrators. Remember, the objective of an infiltrator is to discover bugs and help us refine Novus AEterno into the best game it can be!

The cycle system and research will be placed back into the game soon. The bug is nearly fixed and and everything should be in game by the time many of our new infiltrators are in game!

The future of Novus AEterno!

With development going full speed, we want to take a moment to clarify exactly what becoming an infiltrator means as many of you will be becoming infiltrators in just under 2 weeks.

Having infiltrator access does not mean you have early access, it means you have access to the development build of the game. The build you will initially have access to is a very early alpha build with quite a few features that are not implemented or completed; such as the alliance system. The alliance system is partially implemented. You can invite players to your alliance but there is no way to kick them and there is no Alliance management UI in the game.

Our initial playable build will be ready within the next 4 to 6 months. We plan to have most of the features of the game finished and implemented close to the end of the year! We understand that this might sound like a long time, but development of an MMO takes up to 3 times longer than it does for a single player game. Not only do we have to get things working client side and then sort out all the bugs, we have to develop on the server as well which in turn creates even more bugs.

We are continually working on implementing new features into the game. We will be doing this regularly, which means the development server that infiltrators have access to might be offline from time to time. And when the servers are online, you might run across a developer in game testing multiple features; don’t be scared to ask if you can help.

With Kickstarter done and dusted, we will now start to post regular developer blogs on our Website. We will be aiming for 1 or 2 blogs a week. We will be using these blogs to keep our community informed on what exactly is happening with development.