Community: Livestream with Must Have information for new infiltrators and a sneak peak at something epic!!

We have something special in-store for you all!!

There will be a special one time only sneak-peek into something we have been working on for quite some time now. You will not want to miss this! We will not be showing it anywhere else but the livestream and will never be shown to the public again! So make sure you don’t miss it!!

If you are eligible for the infiltrator program, you will not want to miss this one!!!

We would like to invite everyone who will soon become an infiltrator to join us tonight, as we will be focusing on preparing you for Novus AEterno!

We will be covering many of the basics you will need to thrive within the game. We will also explain to you exactly what the job of an Infiltrator is and what you can do to become the greatest Infiltrator ever!

As always the floor will be open to any and all your questions regarding the universe of Novus AEterno.

Development is in full swing and there is much we are currently working on!

We will also be showing off some of the latest gameplay and doing some live stress testing!!

The livestream will start at at 5pm EST/2pm PST (10PM GMT) on today!! (8th of February)