Developer Updates: Developer Blog #19


What we are working on!

We are currently underway with a rework of the unit system. Up until now, everything floating around is space was categorized as “ships”. We are in the process of separating everything into various categories , which will create a more open ended system. This will allow us to build weapons platforms and space stations!

Missiles are finally implemented and working. With that out of the way, the art team has started work on visual ship damage. This is something we have had planed for quite a while. Once it is completed and implemented into the game, all players will be able to see the general combat effectiveness of an enemy unit based on how damaged the ship looks.

Here are 2 images of the current form of missile based weapons. Missiles are still a work in progress and the below images are the first ever in-game screenshots and should not be seen as an indication of the final visual product.

There will be “Space Fires” and sparks flying off damaged ships. Yes, we know that “there are no fires in space”, however we are running off the logic of ruptured oxygen pipes running within the hull of a ship, which have burst open and sustains the flames visible from outside. Red and Orange flames are also easier to see against the darkness of space, making it easier to see the health status of a ship at a quick glance.

We are still working on quests and NPC missions. Progress is going well and we will be sharing more regarding the quest system in future Developer Blogs.

A new server!

The infiltrator server is currently being used for rapid development, experimentation and prototyping. Everything on the infiltrator server progresses at an extremely rapid pace. This allows players to experience more of the gameplay within a shorter amount of time. This does wonders in testing and debugging; but does not make for every interesting game play.

This is why we have decided to open up a new server. The new server will be dedicated to testing and polishing the progression elements of gameplay currently implemented.

Once it is running smoothly and we have reached a comfortable stage of development, we will be opening up the server to everyone who backed for beta access on Kickstarter*.

*Beta access for backers from Kickstarter will be done earlier than any other form of open beta

So keep an eye on our future developer blogs for more information regarding the new gameplay server.


Thursday Night Mosh Pit!!

We are still holding a mosh pit every Thursday night for anyone who would like to join us in testing a variety of systems within Novus AEterno!

The next mosh pit will be taking place on Thursday the 31st! Make sure you update your client and meet us in-game. Also keep an eye out on our Facebook page for further information!

Saturday Night Live Stream!

Next week Saturday will be the first livestream of August 2014. As always we ask everyone to leave their questions and comments in the comment section, which we will answer and discuss during the livestream!

Next week’s livestream will start an hour earlier!

The livestream will start at 9PM GMT on

Our previous livestream is up on Youtube if you missed it!

Novus AEterno Quest Submissions!

During our previous livestream, we announced the beginning of a new competition.

We are looking for shorts stories, which will be used to lead into the beginning of different quest chains. These quest stories need to remain quite short, while retaining all the information needed to begin the quest and get the quest completed.

Your quest ideas can be submitted in the linked forum thread: