Kickstarter: Backers help improve the game again!! & More Info on Diplomacy

Once again the backers have made a suggestion which we have already implemented into Novus AEterno.

Ships in Novus AEterno used to fire all their weapons at the same time, followed by a “Reload” time before the ship was able to fire again. This caused a lot of breaks within combat where all the ships on screen would be reloading.

Ships no longer fire all their weapons all at once but instead we have implemented a new hull attribute which allows only one weapon to fire every few milliseconds.This means weapons fire will form a nice chain of continuous shots without long “Reload” times in between. If you wish to see this new firing mode and how it affects combat, make sure to check out our next livestream tomorrow the 27th of November @ 23:00 GMT (5pm CT)

We also have another cool announcement which we will make during the livestream so make sure you clear enough time on your schedules and come spend some time with the devs on

More Info on Diplomacy

Diplomacy is the backbone of any empire within Novus AEterno. No matter the playstyle a player chooses, at some point diplomacy will come into play. Be it through trading, the exchange of territory or even supplying another player with weapons who in return protects you.

Novus AEterno does not support the ability to create an alliance consisting of more than 15 players, but multiple alliances can unofficially band together and will have to form a deep and complex diplomatic relationship between each other in order to prevent it from collapsing in on itself. The larger a coalition becomes the harder it will be for the coalition to stand united as Novus AEterno does not prevent one alliance from turning against the other members of the coalition.

To completely conquer another player’s territory you will be required to use 90% force and 10% diplomacy as all players will have at least 1 fortress shield on a planet at any given time, which cannot be conquered. The only way to put the final nail into the coffin of your enemy will be through diplomacy.

When you have pushed another player back to their homeworld, the best thing to do will be to develop a mutually beneficial peace treaty. There is no way to force a player off of their starting planet, you will have to either convince them to move to a new sector in the universe and hand control of the planet over to you, or you will have to work together for the benefit of both empires.