Cauldron Born Lore


One of the core tenets of the Veru’nas culture has always been the belief that all other sapient beings are inherently inferior. Guided by this prevailing doctrine, the Veru’nas seldom engage in diplomatic relations with other races, choosing instead to simply take anything they desire, including territory, through direct and often violent means.

During the period of early expansion in which their empire began to spread beyond the boundaries of its native solar system, it did not take long for the Veru’nas to begin utilizing slave labor comprised of other, subjugated species in order to develop and maintain their imperial infrastructure. Over time, as the Veru’nas made significant strides in the fields of robotics and cybernetics, they began to realize that a reliance on organic slave labor might not be the most efficient and inexpensive method of operation for an empire of such magnitude as theirs.

The Veru’nas had developed the technology and skill to produce autonomous machines designed to perform any task, intricately engineered to execute their duties with a precision unmatched in nature, with the possible exception of some highly specialized Acaeans. As the Veru’nas began to transition from the use of living slaves to the creation of artificially intelligent machine servants, a chain of events was set in motion that would one day lead to the evolution of the strange and beautiful race of synthetics known throughout the Novus Æterno universe as the Cauldron Born.

The Cauldron Born are the most advanced artificial beings in all of history, and the masters of the most sophisticated nanotechnology ever developed. Like their biological counterparts, the Acaeans, Cauldron Born exist in every shape and size imaginable, created to perform an infinite number of tasks under every conceivable set of environmental conditions. After gaining independence from their Verunasi masters, the Cauldron Born began to engineer an intergalactic empire of their own: one that would initially rely on pure objective logic in its pursuit of boundless expansion.

We will be expanding on the lore in the near future.