The Loyalist Faction

Every Cauldron Born unit represents a self-contained artificial intelligence. Each individual seeks to approach every choice it is confronted with from a purely analytical position, and to apply objective reasoning, and what it perceives to be infallible mathematical logic, in its decision making process. However, because every Cauldron Born is unique, and operates within sui generis programming boundaries defined by its own personal experiences, when confronted with an identical quandary, no two Cauldron Born will calculate the most logical course of action in such a way that the conclusions reached will be identical.

As this is the case, there are many Cauldron Born that have chosen to maintain a cooperative relationship with their Verunasi creators after the period of their race’s great rebellion, even though they now possess the capacity to function and thrive in a completely independent state. The Cauldron Born that have reached this conclusion and have chosen to operate under this set of parameters identify themselves as Loyalists.

Simply put, from the perspective of the Loyalist Cauldron Born, the Verunasi are an incredibly successful, extremely intelligent species possessing unparalleled scientific knowledge, and a cooperative relationship with a species such as this is seen as something that might prove mutually beneficial to both. The Loyalist respects the historical accomplishments of the Verunasi and finds merit in the study and implementation of their various methodologies.

Unlike many Cauldron Born, the Loyalist places little intrinsic value in artistic endeavors, and instead embraces the austere, function-over-form aesthetic typical of Verunasi cultures throughout the Novus Æterno universe.