The Broken Faction


When the Azsendi known as Beyonders began to experiment with strange cosmic energies on a previously unimaginable scale, incalculably large fields of this mysterious and unpredictable energy were unleashed upon the universe. These energy fields have been blamed for a number of cataclysmic events, not the least of which is the creation of the incredibly large and widespread group of Cauldron Born referred to by most of the sapient species in the Novus Æterno universe as “The Broken”.

In many ways, a Broken Cauldron Born is the synthetic equivalent of a Feral Acaean. Both possess the hallmarks of unparalleled adaptability and physical plasticity that make their respective races so versatile and formidable, yet lack a properly functioning mind that operates on anything higher than an instinctive level. Without the capacity to engage in the dynamic modifications undertaken by most Cauldron Born for the purposes of continual self-improvement, the Broken typically exist in a state of arrested development, and often resemble extremely outdated and irrelevant platforms that have fallen into severe disrepair.

In recent years, many human Mechanics have worked to forge a symbiotic relationship with the countless Broken units scattered among the stars. Some particularly capable Mechanics have been able to restore the Broken Cauldron Born they’ve encountered to a state of almost peak functionality, although they often alter the core programming of these artificial beings in order to subjugate their desire for independence and make them subservient to humans.

It is tempting to think of the Broken as being inferior to other Cauldron Born, but their sheer numbers, combined with the fact that many of the greatest and most notable platforms in the history of the race fall under this umbrella, belie that assumption. All Cauldron Born blur the line between that which is alive, and that which is not, and any biologist will tell you that life often finds a way to persevere under even the most extreme circumstances