Demon Hunters

One of the core tenets of numerous human religions throughout history has been the belief that human beings share certain common characteristics with their gods. Humans of many faiths believe that their physical appearance in fact mirrors their deities’ divine image, a trait that marks them as unique among all the other species in creation. When humans began to encounter other sapient organisms, dogma of this nature only served to exacerbate the natural feelings of xenophobia brought on by repeated encounters with these truly alien entities.At the edges of uncharted space, many human Zealots began to believe it was their sacred duty to bring order to the heavens on behalf of their gods, and that the strange and often horrifying races lurking in the darkest regions of the Novus Æterno universe—all of which seemed only to be waiting for an opportune moment to pounce on innocent, unsuspecting human prey—were unholy abominations, manifestations of evil incarnate, that needed to be exorcised from existence with extreme prejudice.

To the order of holy warriors who call themselves Demon Hunters, no creature is a more loathsome embodiment of monstrous and unnatural malevolence than the hideously bizarre and immensely powerful telekinetic beings known as Azsendi Heretics. A Demon Hunter is an individual who has dedicated his or her mortal life to nothing short of the complete eradication of this most abhorrent, mysterious, and lethal of all non-human species. The Demon Hunter wields technology designed for this express purpose, and pursues his or her quest with a highly disciplined, single-minded intensity born of the deep-seated belief that he or she serves a divine calling.

The Demon Hunter typically keeps to the shadows, operating at the fringes of human society, stoic and solitary, always heedful of the fact that those who battle monsters must take great care to ensure they do not become the very thing they fight. For those who gaze into the abyss will tell you, without hesitation, that the abyss all too often gazes back.