Human Lore

Although humans have enjoyed a place as the dominant species on their native homeworld of Earth for countless centuries, when set against the broad backdrop of the greater Novus Æterno universe they are underdogs in every respect. Humans are the youngest of the three natural races, and in terms of physiology, intellect, and technology, they are by far the least formidable and advanced. That said, humans have always survived and persevered because of their inherent and unparalleled adaptability and tenacity.

They are quick learners, able to master new and foreign technology with relative ease, and have displayed a remarkable ability to thrive in an incredibly vast array of unimaginably inhospitable environments. However, perhaps the most important and enviable trait that humans possess is their indomitable spirit. Humans are highly social organisms by nature, deriving courage and strength from the bonds they form with others of their species, and are frequently driven by intense feelings of love and loyalty. Community, friendship, and family provide humans with the force of will to face and quite often overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

While humans are not, strictly speaking, a warrior culture, their history is darkened by prolonged and intense periods of barbaric feudalism and savage, widespread combat. This long history of bloodshed has hardened the human heart when it comes to matters of war, and thus they are known to be a race that seldom shies away from a fight, even when the odds are stacked against them in dramatic fashion.

Although humans have dabbled in genetic manipulation and experimentation with extra-sensory perception and telekinetic abilities, the bulk of their physical power as a race is derived from technology that is largely conventional, synthetic and mechanical in nature, and the result of centuries of progressive engineering and construction. However, both the Veru’nas and the Cauldron Born, the other two races relying primarily on conventional technology, have achieved a much higher degree of scientific advancement, and are thus technically superior to humans in virtually every field.

Humans have a lower reproductive rate, and take much longer to mature, than many other large, physiologically complex animal species, but their social culture makes it possible for them to maintain an extremely low mortality rate among their young, particularly when held in contrast to the incredibly savage life cycle of a Veru’nas.

This has helped to facilitate their rapid colonization of the Novus Æterno universe. In fact, although seemingly inferior to the other playable races in many ways, human expansion throughout the known galaxies has been something of an explosion, and their rivals, all of whom initially had the tendency to underestimate this fledgling race, have been consistently surprised by human cunning, flexibility and resourcefulness.