The Mutant Faction

A Mutant is any Acaean that has experienced a sudden change in its physiology as the result of some outside force other than intentional genetic manipulation. Because the changes in a Mutant Acaeans’ biological structure can be random and not suited to any specific purpose, which is in stark contrast to every calculated change made to any species under Acaean control, Mutants are often cast out from Hive societies, as imperial Acaeans view them as inferior organisms with no place in the rigid hierarchy of an efficient, organized colony. Mutants typically appear asymmetrical, and tend to be covered in large, throbbing tumors and bulging, exposed veins. They are often albino. However, despite the fact that they do not possess the gifts of intelligent, precise design bestowed upon other Acaean species, Mutants have, in many instances, displayed power and intelligence that rivals and even surpasses that of Sapients and imperial Acaeans.

One of the common traits that Mutants share with other groupings of Acaeans is that they come in an infinitude of shapes and sizes, and occupy a myriad of incredibly diverse environments. Like all Acaeans, Mutants in extreme ecosystems will experience natural microevolution at an accelerated rate, and can quickly become acclimated to life under incredibly harsh atmospheric, geological, or biological conditions.

It is possible that the explosion of Mutant populations throughout thousands of planetary systems might be related to the bizarre, otherworldly Azsendi faction referred to as Beyonders, and their manipulation of gargantuan fields of cosmic energy, of which little is known among outsiders, but that is said to grant godlike powers to those who have mastered its application. If this is true, the long-term effects that exposure to these powerful energy fields will ultimately have on Acaean Mutants throughout the Novus Æterno universe remain unknown. What is clear is that many of these Mutants, once perceived as imperfect Acaean specimens, parallel to the Outcasts of Verunasi society, have begun to evolve at an even more rapid rate than is normal for members of their race. Perhaps as a result of their exposure to Azsendi energy fields, large numbers of Acaean Mutants have developed horrific characteristics that make them formidable rivals to the freakish Strangers when it comes to providing fuel for the nightmares of man.