The Heretic Faction

In the eyes of a Zealot Demon Hunter, the Azsendi Heretic is one of the most abominable creatures in all of existence: pure metaphysical evil given physical form, and a brazen affront to the gods that must be eradicated at all costs. Far from being a hyperbolic expression of extreme xenophobia, these beliefs are firmly grounded in the nightmarish realities of Heretic behavior.

The Heretic seeks to increase its power by forcing other, less formidable members of its race into a hellish lifetime of servitude as living amplifiers for the mysterious power from which all Azsendi derive their telekinetic abilities. This is achieved through the use of antediluvian technology appropriated from the very same Grell that created their ancestors and were ultimately exterminated by them, and Heretics are unique among the Azsendi in that they do not look upon the ancient Acaeans as monsters, but instead seem to admire, and even desire to emulate, them.

The greatest fear of the Demon Hunter is that one day these Azsendi might accumulate so much raw cosmic energy that they will develop the ability to rewrite the laws of time and space to their insidious will with the power of their minds alone. It is the Zealots’ belief that with the godlike power to affect the universe in such a profound way, a group of Azsendi Heretics would seek to reshape reality into something resembling the apocalyptic End Times common to many Zealot prophecies, literally unleashing Hell upon the cosmos.

It is rumored that thanks to their embrace of the horrific brand of prehistoric genetic manipulation perpetrated by the Grell, Azsendi Heretics are capable of transforming other sapient species into biological energy receptors as well. Humans and Verunasi alike have heard the legends that somewhere in the darkest recesses of uncharted space there exist fields of living cosmic batteries that were once members of their own respective races, and were subsequently imprisoned, mutated, and cultivated by malevolent Heretics.