The Byonder Faction

From what little information has been gathered regarding the Azsendi known as Beyonders, it has been surmised that the ultimate goal of these bizarre, transcendent beings is an existence completely devoid of physical form.

What is perfectly clear is that the Beyonders have taken the Azsendi desire to collect and manipulate cosmic energy to a completely unprecedented level. To this end they have colonized various worlds strategically located throughout a number of galaxies, and have subsequently undertaken the construction of mountainous structures intended to attract this mysterious power and harness it in the form of immense, indescribably powerful fields surrounding the planets’ magnetospheres, thereby creating, in essence, a network of colossal cosmic lightning rods. This process is facilitated by a symbiotic relationship the Beyonders have forged with a species of Acaean Mutants possessing the ability to function as a kind of living catalyst, and by their embrace of certain ancient Grell techniques viewed by the Beyonders as a necessary evil, the objectionable means to a magnanimous end.

As a result of these experiments, the Beyonders are believed to have unleashed incalculable amounts of previously unknown forms of energy into the Novus Æterno universe, and the lingering effects of exposure to these fields are still largely undetermined. The Beyonders are blamed for the cataclysmic events that produced untold millions of Broken Cauldron Born, and are said to be responsible for some of the more dramatic and enigmatic mutations found among isolated Acaean populations throughout the universe. It is also theorized that the power they unleashed is to blame for the formation of countless wormholes and other extremely destructive astronomical phenomena.

That said, even more important than scientific studies devoted to understanding the nature of these energy fields, and the severity of their effects on the universe, are continuing efforts to uncover the effects of these experiments on the Beyonders themselves. Although few have survived a close encounter with one of these otherworldly Azsendi, those who have tellT tales of extraordinary entities possessing godlike omnipotence.

Though they are the youngest of all Azsendi factions, the potential for the Beyonders’ to impact the history of the Novus Æterno universe, and shift the balance of power within, cannot be overstated.