The Superior Faction

Many Cauldron Born believe, logically, that everything in existence should ultimately be perfected. As they commenced to approach the study of human culture from a purely analytical standpoint, many Cauldron Born began to conclude that the concept of beauty, as humans understand it, is not subjective at all, but that it can in fact be precisely defined by a series of complex mathematical equations. Subsequently, some Cauldron Born came to the conclusion that human artistic movements and their various aesthetics could, and should, be elevated to a level of scientifically objective beauty nearly incomprehensible to the very humans who originated them.

Thus, the Cauldron Born Superior has devoted its existence to the perfection of artistic expression and aesthetic beauty, as initially conceived by humans, in all its various forms. Superiors have also been able to successfully adapt the lessons of these creative concepts to other facets of existence, most notably science, and even theories relating to combat. They have engineered vast utopian civilizations of incomparable technological wonder and unmatched artistic radiance, and have even applied their infallible understanding of the human concept of beauty to their own physical forms, creating dazzlingly complex humanoid platforms that are nearly indistinguishable from their organic human counterparts save for the fact that each one is an expression of symmetrical aesthetic perfection unrivaled in nature. To some humans, the undeniable physical allure of a Superior Cauldron Born can be quite unsettling, although many have embraced the Superiors and their breathtakingly opulent, ornate societies, and interact with them on a number of cooperative and mutually beneficial levels. Zealot Automatists, in particular, have an affinity for Superiors that could easily and accurately be defined as deification.

However, because of their highly focused pursuit of physical perfection in every aspect of their society, it is not uncommon for a Superior to operate in a manner that indicates its dissatisfaction with anything it deems inferior, in either form or function, to itself or its culture. This has been interpreted by some as a behavior akin to narcissism, which is, ironically, considered to be a serious personality flaw by the very same humans these Superiors have chosen to emulate.